Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm outta gas! That's right...I smelled a weak faint smell of natural gas under my house today. So,I called the gas company who immediately sent someone out to check it out. Unfortunately, it wasn't on their end, it was a leak on my end which meant that I needed to call a plumber to repair the leak, get the city inspector out to ok it and then call the gas company back to replace the gas meter. True, this is the safe way to handle thie situation. I just wished that it would have happened AFTER the three day weekend of Labor Day!!! I'm now wishing for a hot shower, and I can't cook on the stove! Thankfully, I have a microwave, doesn't everybody?!? I'm hoping that I can get all this resolved within a week. Cold showers aren't so bad...I mean, it'll make me appreciate the warm ones I'm so accustomed to taking. That's was the first part of the day...the day actually got worse...... I'm so thankful nothing terrible happened like the house blowing up or any of us getting hurt, a little inconvenience improves my character and appreciation for the little things in life.

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Anonymous said...

A gas leak! That's scary! I'm also glad nothing bad happened.

And your state is the one we plan on moving to. :) Maybe we could have playdates!