Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sleep like a rock? I think not! It took forever for me to go to sleep last night!I kept thinking about some serious situations and issues currently involving close people in my life so I wasn't able to turn it off like I normally would. Then, I awoke to the firing of a handgun. I rethink, was it five, then two shots? I saw a truck next door with it's lights on so I knew that if something really 'bad' happened, my neighbor would let me know. And, I wasn't going to go outside after hearing shots. Later, a thunderstorm came and lots of rain woke up my dog, who is deathly afraid of thunder. So, she whimpered for quite a while. For some reason, my toddler decided to wake up as well. My teenager was 'feeling lonely,' so she crawled in my room on the floor with her comforter (more noise.) The one thing I did not hear...was the alarm clock! Maybe, I should say, I ended up sleeping like a ...pebble!

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