Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finally, preschool. I had put my preschooler on the waiting list for this particular private school when he was a month old. My city's schools aren't that good and the one he'd be going to in our neighborhood is just plain scary. I knew that if I hadn't gotten him on the list early, it might not happen.

But then, as the months wore on and he was getting older, I started getting sad. Even last year, I was getting teary eyed with the thought that he'd be gone three days a week. Was I doing the right thing? Was it too early? He had an interview with the school last January and I was quite ambivalent then too. But because I was pregnant, I thought he might want the time away from home to play with kids his own age, and that made me feel better. We finally got the acceptance letter in March. He was in! Oh, I was really feeling anxiety then, still on the verge on 'undecided.' After all, I could change my mind and not send him.

After the birth of his little brother, and the change in our daily routine, I finally understood that it'd be a break for me, and him. It would be alright. He'd survive...and I would too. It'd be ok. This preschool is expensive, it's a big chunk out of our budget and each year he'd go there would get more expensive. It was a big decision to send him and I spent hours debating the issue in my mind.

Last Friday, two days ago, the day was his first day of preschool (for 3 year olds) and we both did extremely well. I talked about what would happen in our daily stories at naptime and nighttime. It was the opportunity to discuss what his days would be like and what he'd do there. He was excited when he bought his backpack (green dinosaur style) too. When I took him to his class, he looked for his chair and sat down, happy as a clam. I knew he'd be fine. Neither of us cried, or even thought about crying. I am an easier crier and have cried when my previous kids entered kindergarten. But, it was easier than I thought.

He had a great day. Loved the lunch I made for him and enjoyed the class snacktime.
I think I made the right decision...



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Metalist said...

Hell, *I* almost cried just reading this...

I didn't hold up well when my little one started school. I waited till I was out of sight, but it happened. :)

Your son looks really cute.