Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If I were a millionaire, I'd have my hair washed and fixed by someone else every single day! I absolutely love that feeling as well as how it looks when someone else does it. It always seems to look better too!

My hair has grown so slowly in the past decade that it takes forever to grow enough to have to get cut. Earlier today, I remembered about fifteen years ago that it was so thick that I couldn't even put it in a pony tail because it was so heavy. Ugh! Now, it's so thin that pony tail holders seem to fall out! As I watched my mother-in-law get her hair set today with her very thin strands of gray dry hair, I thought to myself, she was probably envying my hair. I should enjoy what I have and be thankful!

I still like the dream though...and maybe one day,k I'll win the lottery!

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K said...

True that
I also love getting my hair done
Thing is there is this beauty school nearby that does it for $8 - somehow I can never get around to actually doing it
your hair looks great and its also so true that we should enjoy what we have