Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I bought a fake snake for my preschooler yesterday from Target, our favorite store. Since he already had one already, having them together made him very creative today. This morning, he wanted to go on a snake safari. He had gone out and placed his fake snakes in the yard and when I went out with him, it made it fun to go 'hunting' for them. He had a little device that he would pretend to shoot them and then pick them up to put in his little plastic bucket. Who would have thought....a snake safari! LOL!

I've spent most of the day cleaning...it seems the more I clean, the more it gets messed up! I think I'll just take a break until the kiddos go to sleep. I'm currently wanting for the pizza delivery person. :)

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K said...

OMG too funny he is so cute and imaginative- yesterday I saw the snake in Target but it looked too real to buy