Monday, August 16, 2010

....empty pockets.

It's finally come to the point where my mother-in-law has run out of money. I took about a week to compose a letter asking my husband's siblings for money (because she will be about $700 in the hole each month.) Thus far, we've got the next month taken care of. I believe that everyone will pitch in and keep her there until she's medically not able to stay there. It's amazing that she really only has a few bills (rent, secondary medical insurance cost and medication)and all her life's savings were sucked up in just a year. Now, there are a couple of options (continue living in her assisted living facility or move to a nursing home.) I'd rather keep her in her place where she's comfy, the staff know about her (her personality, antics and what she likes,) and she has her own room (not a small room she'd have to share with someone and where she'd end up laying in bed all day.)I love her very much and I treat her as if she were my own mother (my own parents are deceased.) I really miss the person she was...

Sadly, this week, when I went to take her to her podiatrist (for her appointment she goes to about once every three months to get her toenails trimmed,) she didn't recognize me as being someone she liked. She hasn't known who I was for a long time now...but she knew I was someone who loved her and whom she could trust. But not this week...hopefully it was just a bad day for her. I was emotionally drained afterwards and really sad that she wouldn't get out of her bed, wouldn't cooperate with me and was just plain rude. It's part of the process though, of her Alzheimers...but it still made me cry.

A recent pic of my MIL hugging my youngest child.


Lisa said...

Robin hugs to you.

This just breaks my heart and I think it was just a bad day, she will recognise you next time.

Your husbands siblings need to buck up and start contributing it is their duty to their parent.

Lisa said...
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K- floortime lite mama said...

many many many many hugs
Everybody needs to pull in together for your MIL not just your family

Anonymous said...