Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day, in retrospect

Mother's Day wasn't the one I expected. Of course, I had hoped my adult daughters would have done something nice or treated the day as special as I did when my mother was alive to share it with her. But somewhere along with way, they didn't 'get' that. My boys were excited to have made stuff in school and brought it home (which I thoroughly enjoyed.) Around lunch, I threw a picnic lunch together and packed the boys in the car and we headed down to the beach to enjoy the sand and the waves. My hubby was at away at work so we spent hours with our feet in the water and climbing up and down in the sand piles as well as looking at shells. It turned out fine! Apparently, my younger daughter send me an invitation on FaceBook to lunch (which I didn't see.) It was a lack of communication but it also turned out fine. However, what made this one different from the rest? The night before, my oldest daughter (she'll be 27 soon)came over talking about certain symptoms that you automatically think 'pregnancy' when you hear them. She went to the store and came back and threw the box in my lap. There were two (closed and used) tests which read 'positive.' Yep, I'll be a grandmother. While being pregnant right now is not in her plans, it was quite a shock nonetheless. Everything will change for her if it hasn't already. My daughter who sleeps late, smokes, drinks wine in the evenings, takes something to help her sleep and lives for herself has returned to the one I knew long ago... This one I've seen in the past week has absolutely quit smoking, hasn't drunk or taken anything, and has reached inside for the motivation, determination and will-power that I had thought was gone forever. She's already seen the doctor and has an ultrasound scheduled in a few days. It's amazing how someone with such a lifestyle changed their behavior the exact same day, within hours, of finding out they were now responsible for someone else. She's tried to stop smoking in the past with little success but now, she's been a 'non-smoker' for practically a week. It seems like she is already started being a mother, putting the importance of what's best for your child, ahead of her own indulgences. I love seeing that she's learned and remembered this from somewhere. Now I see...this was the perfect Mother's Day Present...


Lauren Greene said...

Oh my gosh! Congrats to your daughter (and you) Robin! What a great Mother's Day present!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

oh my gosh what big news
So impressed with your daughter's lifestyle change in response to the pregnancy
I wish my family would make more of a fuss on mother's day but DH is not into "paper" holidays
R makes a fuss of me everyday :-)