Friday, May 17, 2013

Camping at Guadalupe River State Park

This past weekend, the cub scout pack that my older son is in had it's last campout of the year. I help out by buying the stuff for evening meals for two nights for everyone, making reservations at the campsites, and answering questions regarding camping etc. Last year, the pack had gone to this state park but I wasn't there (sent hubby with my kiddo.) This year, since I took on the outdoor coordinator responsibility, I needed to go whether hubby was in town or not. As it turned out, he was in so we both took my older kiddo. He loved that we were both there and he got our undivided attention.

The weather beforehand was horrible! We were expecting thunderstorms on the way there and overnight the first night. We finished packing our vehicle in the rain and during the first hour, it poured down rain and my phone even went off with a severe weather alert. But we continued because there would be other campers who had planned on attending as well. It was rained about an hour after we got our tents up and we all huddled under a covered thing I brought (like a room or shelter from the sun.) The park host had said that there was hail the previous night too we were ready. We tied down the tents expecting the worst and were pleasantly surprised in the morning when no storms came.

Everything went well and the kids rode their bikes all around! They swam in the cold water at the river (it got warmer the longer you stayed in the water) and had a blast! I really missed my younger son the entire time we were gone and we're planning on returning with our whole family after summer (when it's still warm but after crowds leave.) The spaces where you camp were spacious and there was a lot of shade! You couldn't have asked for anything else. Well, except for an air mattress that didn't have a hole. We usually have a spare one that I buy ahead of time just in case. I had forgotten that it had already been used early last year and we slept on the ground after all the air had been squashed out of the mattress. I'll be looking for sales on them in the near future for our next one after school starts again. Here are some pics from our trip.

Hubby staying out of the rain while cooking.
 photo P1080596_zpsb41d8a91.jpg

 photo P1080613_zpsdb748389.jpg

Kids playing in the river.
 photo P1080642_zpsc6a6c3a5.jpg

 photo P1080699_zps44310200.jpg

 photo P1080701_zps06d0bcb2.jpg

My kiddo and a friend walking on a trail to the river.
 photo P1080722_zps16ee5990.jpg

Cacti growing abundantly.
 photo P1080725_zps9b01455c.jpg


Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures! That river looks amazing! I LOVE camping! :) Loved the happy face picture of your son too! So cute!

Þorgerður said...

Gorgeous pictures I just love camping trips. Hope you have a great summer.