Monday, October 07, 2013

Raccoons and more raccoons!

As I was leaving my SILs the other day, I went by her daughter's house. I had seen a photo she had posted on FB about some raccoons near her house and I was curious about them. I had my oldest daughter and granddaughter with me and we were going to stop by for a little while (and see the place where the raccoons were which was along the way) and then go back home (a good two hour drive.)

There's a store near my niece's neighborhood and the raccoons will come out at dusk and beg for food. As we drove up to that side of the parking lot, they were EVERYWHERE! I went inside the store about bought some bread to 'feed' them and they'd come up and stand on their hind legs with their front feet on my legs waiting for me to drop pieces of bread to them. Totally scary! I was imagining their very sharp teeth and claws!

While we were there, it was quite an experience. They were polite...didn't come up and chew my leg or arm off and there weren't too many fights for the food we threw at them. I've never seen that many raccoons in one place in my life!

Of course, I was trying to take pictures!

 photo P1090621_zps1d0f0c61.jpg

My niece feeding them.

 photo P1090604_zps213a912b.jpg

 photo P1090606_zps892faaee.jpg

My daughter feeding them.

 photo P1090609_zpsf8f29867.jpg

 photo P1090612_zpsafa96aee.jpg


Mike said...

Yikes! That's a bunch of critters!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

OMG They look kindof cute though scary as well

Furry Bottoms said...


robin said...

They moved around so much...I have no idea. I would estimate that there were 150. It was a huge area and I just kind of took pics when they were piling up in front of me but there were many up against/in the trees.