Wednesday, January 01, 2014


ABCZ is a name, not an acronym. It's the name of my kiddo's cat that he got for Christmas, a stuffed cat, that is. He had asked for it when he was talking to my SIL who gave it for him. He was so excited when he opened his gift and saw it!
 photo P1100641_zps8cad62cb.jpg

It has gone with us lots of places lately! It is a girl and he 'married' her. His brother officiated the ceremony. He now calls ABCZ his wife and wears a wedding ring (a little ring like thing from my scarf.) At the 'ceremony,' I was supposed to be the wedding photographer. I told him to smile. He gave me a left side pose, then a ride side pose, then a front one. So cute!
 photo P1100676_zps5e93b3ea.jpg photo P1100677_zps47fd847b.jpg photo P1100678_zps24d7396b.jpg

He shared his meal with her at a local buffet place.
 photo P1100680_zps693b14c6.jpg
 photo P1100682_zps883292a4.jpg

And she went on a trip out of town to see another SIL (grocery store elephant ride.) While we drive, she likes to jump from little brother to little brother in the back seat while listening to them giggle and make cute kid sounds to each other!
 photo P1100690_zps2e7e29b6.jpg

...and he sleeps with her too. She's warm and soft! Perfect fuzzy friend! Of course, she keeps him company too when he's watching tv. All day today, she's been there for him as he's segregated from the rest of us...with the flu.
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