Friday, December 05, 2008

Everybody's sick around here! I've been fighting off the 'gunk' for over a week. My youngest daughter has missed most of school this week. Now, the little boys are sick. Actually, they've been having symptoms of a cold for a week or two but yesterday, my preschooler's cough took a turn for the worse and his ear started hurting. And the baby seems to always have a runny nose (probably due to teething, but not necessarily because of his wheezing.) Nevertheless, all three kids went in to to two different doctors today and were seen. I'm not feeling bad enough to go see a doctor but just enough to feel tired and under the weather all day long, ugh!

This afternoon, my preschooler said, "Mom, can you stand up and carry me while you walk around?" I did.


Nancy said...

Awwww... I'm sorry you're all feeling bad!

P.S.. I didn't know you had a blog! :D Glad I found you.

Kajoli said...

awwwww that sucks .. hope you all feel better soon \Do you ever do Emergen-C
Its this powder that you get at the grocery store in the vitamin aisle
Tastles like Tang and is a high dose Vitamin C
It really helps me not get sick or get well faster

sarahandscottsmommy said...

I think I'm gonna try that stuff...thanks!