Thursday, December 04, 2008


I was SO excited when our city got a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream store (after not having one for over 7 years!) I am a huge fan of their ice cream and blame it on my childhood. LOL! I loved going to our local store and sitting on pink chairs while spending time with my family. Later, I'd drive through the drive-through and the worker knew immediately upon seeing me what I was going to order. After a long and hard day cleaning out our huge shed and organizing the entire inventory (that took over 9 hours of hard work), I ended it by sending my daughter to get some ice cream for me. Unfortunately, when she returned, she handed it to me while I was holding my youngest son who had a taste of it and REALLY liked it!!! I guess I had better write this in his baby book that this was his first food. I had to fight to a bite as he'd dunk his whole face in the cup. I guess he's gonna love ice cream as much as I do.

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Kajoli said...

OMG baby looks so sweet
I still reember my first Baskin Robbins .. a beautiful Rumn'Raisin it was