Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pinatas and brisket! We went to a birthday party yesterday for a friend's son who turned two. My friend spent eight years trying to have this baby (and that time included another child who was born premature and died within hours of being born.) Finally, they have a wonderful child who is strong and has survived at least two heart surgeries. He is precious, handsome and definitely loved. It was nice going and celebrating his life and spending time with his family/extended families. There was lots of food and pinatas (of course, he's Hispanic!) I had no idea how much fun pinatas were. Lately, I've been to two parties which included them. This one allowed kids to line up from smallest to largest and take a whack at the pinata. By the time the oldest kid got his turn, he was able to break it and they all politely rushed in to grab some candy. Little bags were given so they could collect their treasures. It took place in my friend's back yard and they had an inflatable bouncy thing for the kids to jump in. My preschooler spent most of his time in there. It was a good day!

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