Saturday, July 18, 2009

I went grocery shopping today. I really look forward to this task I do at least once a week. There are times that I only go do a great intensive shopping trip once or twice a month (and get milk and a few things weekly.) But I love looking around at different stores for new interesting things to eat (via sampling) or recognizing ingredients I had forgotten about in hopes of making a forgotten recipe. This afternoon, I took my teenager as well as the little boys. My preschooler was Wolverine today (complete in his mostly yellow costume and yellow and black mask.) He asked if he could wear it to the store and told him, sure. Naturally, my teen was having a fit thinking that she would be embarrassed or that he might cause people to look our way. I didn't care because he loves his costume and you can only get away with that at this age for a short time and then you're expected to conform (wear 'normal clothes' and play dress-up only at home.) I love his excitement when he pretends with his costume and voice and when he takes on the behaviors/phrases of his current superhero character. As it turned out, it was a positive experience and she even suggested he put on his mask to top off his whole wardrobe. That was wonderful to watch in and of itself. We did well during this trip not buying a lot of junk food. It was amazing how much fruit we bought as we normally don't buy a lot. I have eaten cherries this week. I haven't eaten cherries since I was a little girl. I don't know why I quit eating them either. I bought a bag a few days ago and have practically eaten the whole bag by myself. I bought another and will eat fruit when I get the urge to eat something sweet.

And a wonderful, scary, noisy thunderstorm rounded off the day giving us our much needed rain. It's still sprinking outside.

What a great day!


K said...

you are simply a wonderful mother

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about grocery stores! I went shopping alone last night and it was such a treat. I bought a mango to try something new...but I don't know how to eat it! lol! I guess I'll have to find out! I'm glad things worked out so well with the costume. I like to let my little guy wear stuff like that if he wants to. =) Kids just being kids are awesome!!