Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wow! Talk about FAST cleaning! A couple of friends were in the neighborhood (one was picking another up from a doctor's appointment) and asked to pop by to use the bathroom and/or hang out a bit. I said, sure! Then, it hit me...OMG! The place is a mess! I went into turbo overdrive...a speed I hadn't had in a long time I think. I managed to clean the kitchen (including dirty dishes from last night), vacuum the living room and halls and clean the bathroom in 30 minutes!! I swept but didn't actually do the real cleaning on the kitchen floor...there wasn't enough time for that. I'm feeling much better now. What's ironic is that they didn't come. They also said something in the original call that we could all go to lunch close by at 11 and it's getting close so I imagine that we'll all just meet there instead. I even sneaked a shower in too (no make-up though.) Of course, my kiddos are sharing dry lucky charms and I've noticed some on the carpet....sigh.


K said...

love it .. its so good when something like this forces me into emergency overdrive

Nancy said...

LOL! Sometimes we all need that kick to boost us into emergency cleaning mode... otherwise cleaning is way too boring!