Friday, December 11, 2009

Running in the Rain

I went to the mall a couple days ago with my little kiddos. We saw Santa, rode in the small holiday train, ate cookies at the cookie store, and walked around a little bit. We had a fabulous time (no meltdowns or escape attempts.) On the way out, I noticed that it was starting to sprinkle a little bit. Being cold and windy, that rain made it really cold!! We started walking to the car but just then, it started raining hard. We picked up the pace a little and started running...and laughing. For some reason, it seemed like fun! Luckily, the preschooler had his rubber boots, so when he started intentionally going through all the puddles, I didn't even look. I just turned the stroller around so that the wind and rain wouldn't get on the toddler and we slowly walked in the rain to the car. I've been in a good mood lately and surprise myself with spontaneous laughter at something slightly funny (making it even more funny) or breaking out in song in the car by myself (because I cannot sing!) It's been a good week!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Robin that made me giggle, picturing every one running in the rain laughing.

Cookies....I love cookies, they just gotta be homemade though.
Dunked in milk....YUM!