Thursday, April 29, 2010

Riding the subway in NYC

Last weekend's trip was a nice change. While sightseeing in the big city, we rode the subway a lot. Normally, I follow my bff who lives nearby but she wasn't able to meet us so we tried it alone. It was at first a little overwhelming (especially since I couldn't see the little maps to follow those colored lines) but got the hang of it (and learned to just get off and look at the bigger maps to double-check the routes.)

It was so interesting to people-watch and see all the different people who ride the subway. On one ride, a man who was the building maintenance supervisor from the Metropolitan Opera sat across from me (he still had his nametag on.) He was sketching on a pad. I was thinking of how many concerts he had attended via work or the people he's met through his job. How cool that would be!! I was wanting to get up and see what he was drawing too because he looked like he was being very detailed in his drawing, but I didn't.

On some trains, there were quotes on the wall. I thought a lot about this one.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! =)

Lisa said...

....umm and you got to ride a subway?!
Can you see me now Robin? face is green like Shrek!
Too fun!