Sunday, May 22, 2011

A beach trip...

Last weekend, we went to the beach. My brother's employer allowed us to use his beachhouse and we had a fabulous time! It was nice watching the people on the beach, hearing the birds in the distance and enjoying the atmosphere!
My hubby and brother are on the deck spending time bonding in the afternoon.

The place was just a block off of the beach and the kids took their favorite rides.

In and out of the water.

Of course, with our fair skin, we were careful not to get sunburned (notice the hats and long sleeves, lol!)

But, teenagers know best and my nephew chose not to use sunscreen. He was fried and couldn't move for a couple days afterwards due to his sunburn! Aside from that, though, it's amazing how he has grown and matured in the last couple years...time passes so quickly. He's almost 17 now.

I loved feeling the water rush back and forth on my feet as did my preschooler.

There were ice cream trucks there too (driving throughout the day.) There's nothing like hearing the sound and seeing the vehicles driving up when it's so hot! Fortunately, we had a little money with us!

And after walking for hours, we had a great nap!

I took this pic of my hubby sleeping (and he has yet to see the pic!) Perfect 'male' sleep position!


Rachel said...

Your trip looks AMAZING! I wish we'd been there too!

And I had to be super careful not to wake up the house... I guffawed outloud at that last picture! You'll have to watch out for payback!!

Anonymous said...

oooh! I miss the beach! That looks like a wonderful vacation! :D

Lisa said...

LMAO! You are in very funny!
What a fun time!