Sunday, July 17, 2011

Aging and Winnie the Pooh

I had an interesting week. On Thursday, I went with my friend (who is almost 73 years old) to a Red Hat luncheon. What is that exactly? Well, it's where older women gather to eat and talk to each other and they meet once a month. They tend to wear red hats (or something red in their hair) and/or dark purple clothing. I remember buying my MIL a book many years ago titled "When I am old, I will wear purple." I supposed that has something to do with that. I am not old but can attend (but wear pink or lavender.) My friend thought it would be nice...and it was. It was a small group and there were eight of us altogether. The lady who sat beside me was also there for her first time so I didn't feel as 'new.' She said that she and her husband stayed home alone a lot and she wanted to expand her group of friends. She just sounded a little lonely. The conversations varied at this gathering. Across the table, my friend discussed with the lady next to her the recent dates with a friend of hers. My friend (whose husband died four years ago) hasn't really connected with anybody but this new person to whom she referred might be an option (or just a friend to go places with once in a while.) Another older lady mentioned the recent movie, Bridesmaids. I loved the movie but was a little embarrassed and was surprised that she also loved it (and understood so much of it.) BTW, it's a blunt movie involving friendships, sex and relationships. I think I'll go again just because they were nice women to be around and it'd increase my circle of friends.

On Friday, which was also my birthday (I'm now 45,) this same friend of mine and another mutual friend (who will be turning 60) took me out! We went to a nice lunch at a place I've never been with great food and we browsed a few shops in the same area. Afterwards we went to a movie (we all three go to movies regularly so this was a great excuse to go again.) It was a very nice afternoon.

Of course, I was feeling a bit 'old' after these experiences. I was excited that my son wanted to go see Winnie the Pooh at the movie theater. Winnie the Pooh was my favorite show when I was little. I thought of my own teddy bear as Winnie as well. My grandmother (who I only saw a few times in my life) apparently gave it to me when I was 2 years old. It was my favorite stuffed toy growing up. My brother would hide it all the time and I'd find it in the most curious places (hanging over the top of the door, in a closet, under a pillow) and it turned into a fun game of hide and seek. When my first daughter was young, she also played with it. By that time, most of the fur was rubbed off and it was missing an eye. It was kind of a velveteen bear because it was well loved. This is a pic of her and my bear (probably about 23 years ago.)

So, we went to see the movie yesterday. I felt like a kid again. I caught myself smiling so much during the movie. I noticed my older son sitting on the edge of his seat moving to the beat of a song...and at one point, during a chase, my younger son said "Run faster!" to the character running! It was a very fun experience that brought me back to my childhood. No longer did I feel old but felt like I did when my parents were alive, when I watched The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights with my brother and when life was simple...and good! Feeling old, young, it didn't matter anymore...I was feeling happy!


Lisa said...

Love this post and your reflections.
Love that you are happy.

K- floortime lite mama said...

Love your story
And you look and sound very very young

Mike said...

FLEABAGS!!! I am probably responsible for the majority of the damage that poor stuffed animal sustained. Sure miss those days Rob.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! :)