Sunday, February 05, 2012

Rain and more rain...

'Lovin it! Last year, we were in a huge drought and it lasted months on end. This year, it's the opposite. For days it has rained on end! My kids love it! I have a huge pile of wet dirty clothes and shoes on my back porch (I have the kids take most of them off before coming into the house keeping my floors dry and clean!) The mosquitos are EVERYWHERE!!! In taking a few pictures, I was covered and had at least 20 bites before I got back in the house. It has been in the 70s all week until yesterday evening. Here are a few pics I took while feeding the mosquitos. It is getting cooler as they play.


By the time I took this pic, the water was cold and he was just sitting, not moving, lol! He had some mud in his eye too. Warm bubble baths followed.

My favorite.

Why they insist on getting their hair muddy is beyond me! Must be a little boy thing!!

Today, as I write this, they just both came to the back door soak and wet! I helped get their freezing clothes off (as I look at the thermometer on the porch which reads 46 degrees) and then made a warm bath. Their feet and ankles are red and cold. Let's hope this is the last 'outdoor bath' until it's warmer! I am needed in the bathroom (and don't want huge waves splashing out of the tub) so I am done with this.


Lauren Greene said...

LOVE it! Rob took the boys out to play in puddles this weekend. I don't understand the mud in the hair thing either! GROSS!!!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

ADORE The pics
Its the same here with the constant rain

Anonymous said...

:D love it!