Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Schlitterbahn Water Park!

Each summer, I look forward to going to a particular water park in Texas...Schlitterbahn! There are so many different kinds of water activities for all ages. You can bring in your food and drinks and stay all day if you want! My particular favorite is the lazy river where you just float around and around! Even better is the one at this park because it has big waves in it as well. At the end of the day, the waves get bigger and bigger because there are fewer people in it! My preschooler and I sit in a double floatie and enjoy the waves for hours! This time, I left him in it and I walked/floated next to it and held on to the handles of the floatie. I also had my waterproof camera catching some of the waves! It is also the first time that my preschooler was able to be ok putting his head underwater and allowing the water to cover him without getting upset! Maybe next year, I'll get a season pass so I can go more than one day! I think I get excited and enjoy it more than the kiddos do!

Video of some of the wave river...

My daughter also went with us as well as a friend of mine. Love the memories we make each summer! Next time we return, we'll probably have my daughter and her own child with us (as she's due in January.)

My daughter with my two sons:

Me and my oldest daughter:

My preschooler after he started putting his head underwater 'like a big boy!':

My friend:


Floortime Lite Mama said...

Robin your kids are such cutie pies and they look so much like you !
I am the same way in which I often have more fun in kiddo- things - than my kiddo does

Anonymous said...

I loved this post!!! That video was adorable! I LOVE his smile, how fun! (had the sound turned down because I'm on my computer in the bedroom and Steve and Jackson are asleep, but it sure looked fun!) I love lazy river rides! :)