Thursday, October 04, 2012

Skating: The Past and the Future

I used to go roller skating when I was younger...every was my only thing I did for fun! I loved going alone to meet a friend or with a friend every Friday or Saturday night for weeks on end.

When I was 15, I saw this really cool guy skating! He was handsome, blonde, tall, and did jumps, turns and was so smoothe on his skates. I watched him all night. He had a friend with him (a skinny dude with brown curly hair.) Six months later, I saw the guy's friend again there (alone.) I kept an eye on him. He wasn't as good as a skater as the guy I initially watched but he was really great on skates. At the end of the session, I noticed the guy asking a girl to skate with him (couple skating.) She said no. Then, he turned to me and asked me...I said yes.

One thing led to another and we started dating. We became engaged and got married the month after I turned 18. A year later, our first kiddo was born. When she was about four, we bought her first pair of skates (which has also gone through her sister, her nephew, her brother and now, her youngest brother, even though they're still a little big.)

It's been over thirty years since that first meeting and just last week, we took our youngest roller skating for the first time. He has been invited to a skating birthday party this month and I wanted him to practice a little beforehand. While we were there, we scheduled a birthday party for my older son at the same place. (I don't give him birthday parties every year where he invites his friends...this is his second and after a few years of begging, I finally gave in, lol!)

Luckily, they have these things you can hold on to so that those who are just beginning can be more stable and fall fewer times. My kiddo had a great time. My older son never wanted to leave and was like a machine going around and around! Of course, we were tired after an hour or two (in a four hour session.) We left after the third hour, btw.

So, here we are again...isn't it interesting how history repeats itself, in a good way. I'm glad I said ....yes.

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Rachel said...

I love this! What a wonderful sweet love story and legacy! The picture really makes it too :) Now... if only there were a picture of you and the hubs at the rink?!? :)