Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday Dinner

I was invited by my older daughter (and her boyfriend) to their house yesterday to hang out and eat. They cooked lots of stuff and my kiddos and I had a wonderful dinner! I went to a book club meeting earlier (for a couple of hours) while my little boys hung out at her house and helped with her chores (which reminded me of the Tom Sawyer story of wanting to help paint the fence, lol.) When I returned from my meeting, my other daughter was also there. It was awesome that we were all there hanging out and enjoying each other's company. My younger daughter hasn't been around a lot lately since she moved out and it was nice to visit with her. In addition, my older daughter, who has matured a lot in the last several months, has realized how to talk to her little brothers in a responsible way (and they love spending time with her.)

It was something I really enjoyed! Besides not cooking, I absolutely loved these adult conversations with my adult daughters while letting my little ones enjoy playing and seeing everyone get along well! Another thing I enjoyed yesterday was the fact that they wanted to take a couple pictures. Normally, my younger daughter hides from the camera but there were many taken yesterday. Here's a good one of my kiddos.



Lauren Greene said...

What a fantastic photo! I love it. So nice to hang out with them. Your family is beautiful.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

I loved your beautiful family picture
Your daughter looks so much like yo u