Thursday, November 22, 2012

Friends, CS Camping, Baby Showers!

I've been busy. Very busy. And in my hustle and bustle, I've not been cleaning or being organized as I should be (meaning, wasting time trying to find stuff.)

While I should have been packing for a cub scout camping trip, I chose to go visit my friend who was in from out of town! She doesn't make it down to TX very often so when she does, I try to spend lots of time visiting with her and her family. This time, her mom (and her family) invited us to share an early Thanksgiving with them (and their friends.) It was wonderful! I loved all the food (and her Filipino pancit!) It was nice that the four of us got together! We spent many hours together in high school and now we're all moms. It was awesome that we were able to get together and hang out!


I'm not normally an outgoing person and prefer to be 'behind the scenes.' Yet, I managed to volunteer to be an 'outdoor coordinator' for my kiddo's local cub scout troop. While it's right up my alley, it should be easy. I'm not very creative and give lots of kudos for those who take care of each 'den' of boys (that's a LOT of work!) Since I love the outdoor stuff, overpack for camping trips, and had some extra time, I said 'sure.' Of course, afterwards, my inner 'unsure' self started creeping through. As I stood in the grocery store buying all the supplies and food for the evening meals for the campout (roughly about 50 people a night,) I didn't realize how much I was overthinking. About two hours passed! I made it through the first one and now, it wasn't as bad as I had thought it was (in my head, everything is worse or scarier.) It turned out to be a success! The only thing I could have done differently was search for my camera a little faster (I couldn't find it.) I did manage to get a couple pictures from my phone though.


And it seemed my kiddo loved the campfire the most! He certainly was the dirtiest! The kids loved fishing off a dock.

Photobucket younger daughter and I held a baby shower for my older daughter! She was very happy and it turned out very well! My older son took charge of the punch bowl and my younger daughter was in charge of the games! We had many people help to create a great day for her! She's getting used to having a baby and the gifts she got at her shower were her firsts. She's changed a lot in the last six months. She's more patient, has learned how to talk to kids and is more maternal. My younger daughter was a huge help in all this! She was creative, a great motivator and came through in the end! I'm so proud of them both!





Floortime Lite Mama said...

LOVED the pictures
I cannot believe you guys are still in summer clothes
Its freezing here in the PNW
You know that watermelon baby- we are ordering that EXACT same thing for me colleague's baby shower

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the boys!!! and that baby shower is adorable! It's so nice to read about you celebrating your family. :)