Saturday, February 09, 2013

Dressing up!

I went to my first play at age 17 with my Great Aunt Roey. I don't even remember what it was but it was awesome! Throughout the years, I've seen one here or there. I was able to see a Broadway play years ago (Miss Saigon) with my friend Janet and it was awesome! When my friend Betty's husband died about 6 years ago, she tried to do activities to keep her happy (and that didn't require food like eating out.) She invited me to go to a play with her and I went. I then attended many with her over the next several years.

I didn't really think about inviting my kiddos. That is, until last fall, when my second grader insisted I buy tickets to the school middle-school play, Fiddler on the Roof. I did and saw the sparkle in his eyes as he loved every second of it! Of course, I started searching local communities for upcoming plays and we went to see one called Treasure Island. Of course, when you have a play that had sword fighting and guns going off, I think every little boy would be in heaven. They were nice enough to take him seriously when he started asking questions during intermission and the lady actually went out and got her hubby (who was an actor in the play) to answer some questions (and let him feel the sword.)

Last night, we attended another school play and I brought both my boys. The four year old did well (better than expected.) My second grader had been looking for a reason to wear his nice suit (that Santa brought him for Christmas.) He wore it to church last Sunday when he attended with his sister (and her family.) So last night, he was able to wear it in public a second time AND see a play, which, at times, he laughed really hard! As soon as we walked out, he started asking me what my favorite part of it was and even my younger kiddo got in on the conversation. My friend Devyn is incredibly thoughtful to pass on some clothes from her boys. My younger son is wearing some from her boys. Let me tell ya, my bigger boy practically wears them out so there are few to pass on to my younger one so I am extremely thankful for her generosity. Overall, we all dressed up and enjoying going out. It was a nice evening.

Of course, I had to take pictures to catch all the handsomeness!



Joanna said...

Handsome boys!

Anonymous said...

What handsome, beautiful boys!! :) :)