Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Tasty, Funny and Sweet: Pictures

One of my favorite smells in the world: ground beef being cooked with onions and green peppers! I used to love coming home from school and watching my mom cook dinner and to smell the aroma of this combination! I found something I can make that is kinda good. My cooking skills have a lot to be desired but I went to a friend's house on New Years Day and she made a black eyed pea casserole which was delicious. It has cheese, rice, rotel tomatoes, ground beef, lots of tasty things...even the black eyed peas I don't particularly care for but you can't taste them much. Each New Years Day, she does what her late mother used to do: make black eyed peas, cabbage rolls and invite all her friends over to eat. If I'm in town, I go by there, eat a little and enjoy the great company. She used to be my supervisor when I worked (before resigning to have my 'lil ones) and I look forward to visiting with Katie each year if I'm in town on that holiday. I asked for the recipe and made it at home. Since my family loved it, I decided to make it for a friend (she's out of town a lot going back and forth for chemo.) As it turns out, they loved it too so and asked for the recipe as I passed it on.


I was walking through the kitchen of my daughter's boyfriend's house (the daughter who had a baby recently.) I glanced at the refrigerator and noticed her shopping list. I just love smartphones with cameras! LOL!


One morning, my older son went to wake up his younger brother. He came back into the kitchen and told me to hurry - I had to see something, which I did! I saw my preschooler's "birdie" sleeping soundly on his ear. This little birdie is actually a pencil topper but he loves carrying it around because it's small and squishy. I thought it was definitely a kodak moment. Each night, he sleeps with his monkey, a velveteen rabbit sort of stuffed animal and, at times, something else. Sometimes, though, 'birdie' falls down from his bed in the dark and he has a difficult time finding him (and calls for assistance, lol!) Luckily, that doesn't happen too often. I still smile as I glance at the picture. (And, for the record, it was sleeping 'on' the ear and never goes 'in' it...just sayin.')


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Lauren Greene said...

So sweet. I love the birdie on the ear. Great post.