Sunday, January 20, 2013

8th Birthday Party

My second grader turned 8 in November. We planned a birthday party but it had to be rescheduled. Since hubby works offshore and is gone half the time and Christmas interefered with planning, his party didn't take place until this weekend! He was really excited to have a skating party. It was two hours of great skating, lots of friends and fun for him!!! Hubby skated as did little brother! I handed out tickets as his friends came, watched out for falls, took pictures, helped lace up skates and passed out pizza. On the way out, I took this picture! My younger daughter was on the way out the door (so you can barely see her jacket as she didn't want to be in the picture.) Hubby is holding the same skates he had some thirty years ago when I met him.


My kiddo helped pick out his cake too...He knew exactly what he wanted. He explained to the bakery lady what he wanted it to look like right down to the color of the trim and explaning that he wanted the plastic trees to make it look like a forest. He wanted a hunting scene. I went out and got the decorations for the top (hunters with crossbows and rifles, flying and sitting ducks, hunting dogs, lots of male and female deer, a rabbit and an ATV.) After the fact, I should have taken the picture from a lower stance as it's a little hard to see from that level. He was extremely happy though and that's all that counts. We only have a party every 4 or 5 years or so (the kind in which you invite friends) so we wanted to make it memorable. It was!



Mike said...

Aww. Glad he got to finally have his skating party. It's nice that Manning's is still there after all these years.

Rachel said...

Now that is one AMAZING cake!!!! And I am totally not showing this to Itty Bit - otherwise he'd totally need one too :) Happy late birthday!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

OMG soooooo cute
Happy birthday to your sweet darling
That cake is amazing
Glad I got to catch up