Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baby Olivia

I love this grandmother stuff! I can go and help out and then go home at night! I have time to regenerize and not have to worry about when I can take the next shower. Of course, being an experienced mom, I've learned some things to do to make my time more efficient that my daughter is just now learning. I'm trying to do those things people mention you should not offer advice unwarranted (this one is hard for me, lol!) I find myself doing things for her without thinking such as packing items on the way to a doctor office and then she is looking for it (I should have let her do it.) She's becoming a better mom each day. I love that her sister (my younger daughter,) her boyfriend's family, my immediate and extended family, and her close friends all come together to support her and help her get from one day to the next. Nevertheless, Olivia is 3, almost 4 weeks now and all is



Þorgerður said...

She is sweet...this is a lovely picture.

Rachel said...

What a darling. I need a baby fix and she is perfect for it!

Praying you get answers soon - that anxiety may be tempered with peace, and worry be assuaged.

Being a brand new mom can be stressful enough - I wish you much joy in just enjoying the miracle of Olivia :)

Lauren Greene said...

I think it's always hard not to offer advice. (That's why I just try to offer mine through my blog! LOL).

She is precious.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

she is choooooooo cute
I love her

Anonymous said...

<3 precious little one!