Monday, March 18, 2013

Younger Daughter's 22nd Birthday

How time flies! To younger daughter is now 22 years old!!!! We celebrated it at my house this evening! I bought her a purse (luckily, my older daughter went shopping with me as the one I wanted to buy her wouldn't have been the best choice, lol!) It's not often I catch her smiling for a camera so when she did, I took lots of pictures! I'm incredibly proud and happy to have her as a daughter and to be a part of her life! I love her bunches!

 photo sarah22_zps3bef2dd5.jpg

My mom used to make Boston Cream Cakes for me (my favorite) so I made one for her today as well. However, I made it a little more exciting (thank you Pinterest.) Instead of the plain yellow cake, I added color to make it lively and bright, just like she is!

 photo ef8ccef7-b1b5-4f80-8142-1efc31b6eb22_zpsa917a98f.jpg
 photo 94baa27a-fde1-4d1d-81df-be82ef768a4d_zps148ba10d.jpg
 photo c2cf1095-7e45-4ee2-aeb3-b9a1d477c066_zps1590f3e0.jpg
 photo 860497a5-7a5c-415d-afb5-1ad95b768fec_zpsb8cfac7e.jpg

My two daughters!
 photo 0ad57812-474f-49b0-aef4-2f83af8af204_zps0fe072b7.jpg

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday to her!!! what a yummy looking cake! :)