Saturday, January 31, 2009

I got into a cleaning mood today! Ok, so it was because my baby found 'something' on the carpet and decided to chew on it. I have great carpet that hides everything so I didn't even see wherever it came from or how he got it. So, I began vacuuming the carpet, then took the hose and went around every little corner of each piece of furniture and baseboard. My mom used to always say, 'a job worth doing is worth doing well.' Today's chore would have made her proud. It definitely made myself proud!!! Now, on to another room tomorrow. I'm not ready for any kind of 'flylady' habit, but this is a tiny little start.


Kajoli said...

I find stuff like this sooooo satisfying
Did you enjoy it

sarahandscottsmommy said...

...most definitely!