Thursday, January 08, 2009

I like to's just time consuming. I know it's supposed to be...but once I get started, I like to finish in a matter of a few days or I begin to forget important details. I used to go walking for exercise and listen to books on tape (when they were still audiotapes.) I loved doing that (and will eventually get back to that when I get some time each day with someone else watching my little one(s).) I started a book years ago and somehow never finished listening to it. I still wonder how it ended and will need to buy the book (or CD) to that I know how it ends. It reminds me of the commercial with the camera (with pictures inside just waiting to get printed.) After spending some of my Target giftcard on two more books last week, I need to get back into the habit of reading (or these books will also sit on the shelf with the other unread books.) I haven't taken the opportunity in years to just sit and read. Maybe when the kids are in school, gone all day, I'll then read...while I wish they were home again.


Nancy said...

It is tough finding opportunities to read with young ones but I go nuts if I can't get in just a few minutes per day. :D I love to read and usually read after the kids are in bed (or if I have to do a website then I just get a few minutes before I shut my eyes for the night).
What books did you get!? Anything Twilight-y exciting!? :D

sarahandscottsmommy said...

I got "Three Cups of Tea" about a mountaineer's mission to promote peace if Afghanistan/Pakistan by building schools. Also, "Sarah's Key" about a little girl in WWII.