Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sometimes I just get caught up in researching ancestry. My mother did a paper in college about her relatives (names and anecdotes)but no dates or places. She called the only relative left to have accurate information and wrote everything down and drew a family tree. That was 20 years ago.

Shortly thereafter, before my dad died, I asked him the same kind of questions. My dad has always been terrible about dates, times and names. He couldn't even remember his kids' birthdays. Not that he didn't care, but he just wasn't great at that kind of information. I got as much information as I could. Basically, I know his dad's name and a probable grandfather's name. That's it. Since he was born in 1911, the information isn't as readily available. That just may be a short branch.

Regarding my mom's family, I found a whole patch of relatives from St. Johns Newfoundland (and spots to find records there.) It's just so time-consuming. Just when I think I find something, it doesn't match up. Then I realize, my kitchen really needs cleaning and then I stop. While I really enjoy researching and imagining life then, I have to organize my time better. The best time is when everyone is asleep at night (I don't have to fight over computer time or stop to get someone a drink) but then, by that time, I'm tired and sometimes just want to do nothing.

But, it's something new and exciting...something that makes me happy this week.

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Kajoli said...

OMG that soounds so fascinating .