Thursday, September 30, 2010


I had been doing so good exercising! I was in 'the zone!' I finally after a year of working out at the gym (of course, not every week) got up the nerve to take a class...zumba. It was so fun! I am overweight, have no dance skill and am slow, but I really loved it! Fastforward two weeks into the classes (along with my usual Sunday walk with my friend who walks SO fast) and knee. Apparently, I tore a ligament...sigh. I am hoping it heals by itself and I have no other problems forever afterwards. I had also decided on a six month goal beforehand too... I want to go to a lodge on top of a mountain (that you have to hike up in order to stay because there is no other way up it.) It looked awesome! I still want to go and will strive to do it. But for now, I hope to not gain back the weight I lost (a little, but it's still a loss as opposed to a gain.) So, I'm still resting and hobbling around....


Lisa said...

Breathtaking video of that lodge.
Good for you Robin on being so vigilant on your health.

I was in that zone and then chaos with Gage happened. I am slowly getting back to my "zone."

I have missed you.


K- floortime lite mama said...

WOW sounds wonderful
So glad you are in the zone
I have reached there tooo - though I have a ways to go