Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stress....and the park.

This past month has been full of stress...particularly dealing my my MIL and trying to figure out what's best for her in the long run. And that's still going on as in the last month, she's gone from her ALF to the hospital, to a hospice and now to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation. It's hopefully the place where she'll either walk (or wheel a wheelchair) and then the decision will be made about where she goes after that... For now, she's physically ok.

We have gotten breaks though and have enjoyed having fun with the kiddos. We went to my kindergartener's favorite park recently and played all morning. Here is a pic of my kindergartener enjoying a break from playing.

He also took these two pictures (as he went around with my camera.)The first is of my hubby and I and the last one is of our toddler.



Mike said...


Love the pics Robin. Hope everything goes smoothly for you soon.

K- floortime lite mama said...

i missed you very much
Glad some of the stress is behind you now
Love and hugs
your MIL is lucky to have you and you guys look lovely