Saturday, February 12, 2011

computer woes

Well, technically, there aren't any more woes but last week, out of the blue, my mouse quit working. I went to the store and bought another...even the new one didn't work. So, I used my daughter's new wireless mouse (thinking it was a port issue) and even with that, nothing worked. Ugh! My port worked fine (with my cameras hooking up) but it was just a mouse thing!

I buy Dell computers (because they've had great service if anything messed up with my previous purchases) and I have a Dell credit card (so I can pay them off usually without accumulating interest.) So after uninstalling and checking troubleshooting issues with no solution, I called Dell's service technicians.

Had I given the guy the correct computer tag number initially, it probably would have gone well. But, unfortunately since I have bought more than one, I didn't realize that the number that came up when I went to the website when they identified my service tag number that I should have actually checked the back of my laptop instead of assuming that number was the correct one. So... when the guy checked for issues, nothing came up. It wasn't until the end of our two hour call that I realized that I had given the poor guy the wrong number. Nevertheless, I had a really good experience and conversation with Surendra (from India) who was respectful (even when I asked a few times exactly what he wanted me to do), professional (knew what to do to troubleshoot my issues), and very courteous. While waiting for the computer to reboot over and over while installing and uninstalling software, I found out that he was 27, lived with his parents (his older sisters were married and have moved on) and he was still looking for the 'right one.'

I know that jokes are made about calling for service and there are people with thick accents helping (and to an extent, that was true) but I am so impressed that a guy in another country whose first language was not English could communicate with me to ask me to do things with my laptop to assist fixing it using technical computer terms. And after my issues were solved and he had access to my system, before logging off, he had chatted in the little box. As I thanked him for his patience with me, he wrote, "Thank you mam, it was my deauty." Perhaps he thought that it was his duty, but having been 'helped' by other people like with my phone/cable enough times with inefficient assistance, I can say that not everybody thinks the same way...I was incredibly satisfied! (btw, I also let Dell know this as well.)


Rachel said...

I love contacting companies about their great customer service! So glad you had a good experience with them - but sorry about that two hour phone call, WOW!

Lisa said...

I LOVE great customer service!
When I ordered my double Maclaren stroller when the twins were babies I had excellent customer service from Philladelphia(too lazy to spell check) they threw in a bunch of freebies for me.
As we laughed more than we talked with eachother.
Sounds like you had a great experience.

K- floortime lite mama said...

how awesome !!
do you watch OUtsourced - its about a call center in Mumbai and it just is hilarious