Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin picking!

I love this time of year...Autumn! I love that it gets cooler and the leaves start to change colors! When I am older (with fewer responsibilities,) I want to get in my car and drive scenic routes looking at all the gorgeous leaves of the trees! I am currently burning a cinnamon apple candle in the kitchen as I look at the thermometer outside the window, 82 degrees at 6pm. I loved that it has been in the mid 60's lately though. Can't wait for it to get cooler yet enjoying temperatures right now. At least it's not very hot! We picked out our pumpkins this week. While my first grader got a rather large one, my preschooler got the tiniest one possible, lol! It was fun walking around the 'pumpkin patch' for an hour inspecting and looking at all the different kinds!



K- floortime lite mama said...

Oh my the boys are so adorable
Love fall too

Anonymous said...

Such a cute picture! I love cool fall weather too! Enjoy! :D

Rachel said...

This is my new favorite picture of them!

And I wish we had some of that warmer weather back! :)