Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trio Dinner Again.

I worked at a place for 12 years (and loved it) before resigning to stay home after having my first son (close to seven years ago.) It's interesting how you have such good comraderie at work but when you're no longer there, the friendships slowly fade away. But there are a few of us who get together each year no matter what to celebrate our birthdays. My two former coworkers and I see each other three times a year (sometimes another time or two if we're at the same event or girl's night out.) Two of us pay for the birthday girl's dinner around their birthday. I don't know how long we've been celebrating this tradition but it's probably close to 13-15 years now. Even though we're not really similar to each other, we all have stuff in common so I always look forward to the next upcoming celebration. Recently, my friend Sherry celebrated her 50th birthday. She chose to go to a steakhouse this time and loved her t-bone steak! I loved kidding her because she took the bone home to chew on later to get the rest of the meat off of it.

Here are all three of us (Sherry in the middle) as well as the awesome cheesecake dessert we shared afterwards!




Anonymous said...

How fun! You're right... some of those friendships just sort of fade away. It's sad. I love your tradition!!!

K- floortime lite mama said...

What a wonderful tradition
That cheesecake looks yummy and u r glowing
Happy birthday to your friend