Friday, November 18, 2011

Demon bug?!? Really!!?!

So, at my kiddos's school, you have to behave well to come home with a 'green' color, meaning everything went well. If something happens, you act up or not mind, you get 'yellow.' If you've been told something and continue to not listen (or do something unkind), you get 'red.' Finally, for those really bad actions, there's the ultimate bad, 'purple.' Of course, I love hearing (and seeing the color on the daily sheet) of 'green!'

Recently, my kiddo (and some others) learned how to make loud burp noises. Of course, one burp means that several kids will giggle afterwards, making huge disruptions in class. Not good. He's been warned not to do it (again.)

However, last week, an incident happened. He came home with a 'red' color! I asked him what happened. He replies, "There's a demon bug that flies around and chews on your sock that leaves out a poison that makes you burp." I am stunned. I grab a paper and pen and ask him to repeat that!! He repeats the exact same thing. Then he shows me his sock, where the upper part has been torn (chewed!) a little. I thought to myself, this excuse took lots of time and creativity! I smile to myself and go along with it. Of course, he then proceeded to tell me that he helped destroy this bug and it won't ever be returning. When we get home, I have to naturally take a picture of the evidence, of this amazing rare occurance.

A little later, we go to dinner (hubby returns from work after being gone two weeks and we usually go to our nearby Mexican restaurant.) The subject gets brought up about his behavior that day and I take out my camera to show him the chewed up sock. I stare at my kiddo to see his reaction as he has that embarrassing smile you get when you're trying not to laugh and be serious as he's lowering his head, almost looking away. Hubby goes along with the story too.

Of course, before dinner (and afterwards,) he is cleaning whatever it is I ask him to clean because that's his consequence for getting a 'red,' bug or not. But as we return from dinner, I mention to him that if his sock ever gets ruined by any other demon bug, he'll be buying new socks with his own money! Just as he starts to try to continue the story, I give him the look in which he 'knows' I'm serious and that I clearly know the truth. He nods his head in compliance.

The evidence!

A couple days ago, he turned 7. He requested a cake with zombies on it. Second choice were to have vehicles on it. And if that wasn't possible, tractors. I bought a plain cake and then provided all the vehicles and 'dirt.' He helped me crunch up oreos for dirt and we put little m&ms in the buckets! He loved it!


Þorgerður said...

glorious cake indeed :)

K- floortime lite mama said...

love the cake and LOVE The story
OMG what imagination and a very very happy birthday to your darling bot

K- floortime lite mama said...

"darling boy "I mean not" bot "

Anonymous said...

ahahahaha! :D I would have a hard time punishing that creativity- at least with a straight face! I love his cake! :)

Rachel said...

He cracks me up - hilarious that he thought up that story! And I love that cake... Itty Bit would have gone NUTS! And probably prevented anyone from eating it so he could play with it! :)