Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Tradition

One of our favorite things to do at Thanksgiving (and Christmas) is to make teacakes via cookie cutters. It's something that takes hours (probably because we make a mega-recipe!) I have enjoyed doing this since I was a child and have passed on our holiday tradition to my kiddos. BTW, I totally forgot to invite my brother to our cookie-making evening (and am again apologizing in case he's reading this!) I have accumulated many cookie cutters throughout my life and we probably have several for every occasion possible (including many Texas ones!)

Notice the 'diaper' still taped to the edge of the cabinet that's been there for a few years. My relatives try to take it down sometimes but it prevents accidents with my kiddos bonking their heads! My kids and hubby are making their favorites. As they use up the dough, the left-overs go in a bowl to use after the first batch is used up. With this recipe, the more you use the dough, the better the images are from the cookie cutters. So, we use simple ones at the beginning and ones with more ornate detailing near the end.

My preschooler got out some raisins to add to the 'gingerbread men.' He kept saying he needed to put the buttons on (and I didn't understand him) until I just said 'ok.' Then, I realized he meant he wanted to put the raisins on those kind of cookies and also added eyes. He did many like that!

Some of our cookies!

We celebrated our Thanksgiving early. My hubby would be at work the week of it so we enjoyed it the weekend before. All my kids and both my brothers were there with their families (my other brother is overseas in Navy.) We even had friends there this year! It was a wonderful stress-free day with lots of great food and wonderful company! I'm blessed to have such loving people around me!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! (I know I'm late!) I love your tradition!!! :)

Rachel said...

What a wonderful tradition - love that it was such a happy celebration!

Thank you so much for voting for the Morning Star Foundation... I really, really hope they win the prize. It's amazing to me to think how much different their lives are with just a minimum of medical care.

Thanks again!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Happy happy thanksgiving
Love the tradition and the pics