Friday, February 06, 2009

I snore!! I didn't know that I did (well, when I'm really tired and sleeping on my back, I do.) Apparently, I do more than that (and when I'm on my side) and even woke the baby up. Maybe that explains his frequent wakings in the middle of the night?!? So, I bought some breathe-right strips and tried them (last night was the second night) and we actually slept late - he only woke up about 3 times! Perhaps that was the problem all along, and it wasn't the baby after all! Ugh!! I've lost so many hours of sleep not knowing that I was the cause of his wakings?!? I am keeping my fingers crossed that his brain forgets to wake up at all hours of the night and goes with his tummy and sleeps deeper (and hopefully he'll transition to not waking at all!!) This is such a revelation!



Kajoli said...

Oh man I am sooo glad you found a solution !!!

Nancy said...

Wow! I hope that works for you. That would be amazing if it turned out you were waking HIM up! I wonder i I snore.. I'd ask dh but doubt he'd give me an honest answer, especially since he won't fess up as to what Yoda says!

I love that pic of him, he is SO adorable!

Jacqueline Fenn said...

LOL!!!! That is so funny! Maybe that's OUR problem too! I've always wondered if those strips really work...good to know they do!