Thursday, February 19, 2009

My preschooler has been coughing for about three weeks now. Not too bad, that is, until yesterday. All day long, he coughed and coughed! I finally got the right recipe together to get him better...because for this cough, medication, cool mist humidifier and triaminic vapor fan. After 12 hours, in his room all evening and night, I woke up to hearing nothing. I even laid with him for over an hour between 1 and 230am last night listening to him cough. It was so quiet that I actually walked in to make sure he was breathing. What a sigh of relief. It was nice to hear him not suffer anymore.

Meanwhile, the baby went from grumpy to sick. I ended up calling the nurse at our pediatrician to give his symptoms and ask about a rash that had been on his back a couple of weeks. It didn't seem to concern me, per se, but I figured that I ought to kill two birds with one stone by asking questions. They suggested I go ahead and come on in. It ended up being a type of excema and hopefully it'll go away after the dry winter. Poor thing also had an ear infection. I had no idea. No wonder he wasn't himself. He, who usually wakes up smiley and happy, had just a half smile this morning.

What's that, yep, it's my voice cracking as it feels like I'm getting a sore throat. Joy.

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Kajoli said...

awwww poor baby hope he is over the EI soon