Thursday, February 12, 2009

You know that smell that brings you back to a specific memory! Well, Early this morning, while I was laying down nursing my baby, I smelled 'my dad' on my shirt. Dad died in 1994 and he was a hard worker. Even after a long day's work at his job, he often worked outside in the garden and had a certain 'smell.' It wasn't body odor, per se, but a smell/scent of hard work and fresh air. I had smelled it once before while I was at the zoo years ago. It was a warm day and while walking through a corridor, I smelled him. I stopped in my tracks and to try to catch it again. I walked back and forth and finally realized that it was me. I had sweated in such a way, combined with my shirt and detergent that it smelled just like him. And again, last night, I smelled it again. It was such a comforting smell because I loved my dad and it was a wonderful treat to be able to smell a smell that brought me back such vivid memories of him.

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that is special. May that scent warm your soul.