Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm no Betty Crocker! I'm barely an average cook. I haven't really taken a lot of interest over the years to become really great at cooking. Now, baking is another evident by my extra pounds and my love of 'licking the bowl.' I love to eat someone else's cooking. I like to sit and watch them cook too. I love that people can just add this or that to make food better, like an artist.

I've noticed lately that I look forward to going to a nearby grocery store because it has an area where someone actually cooks something (and hands out samples.) They do it in such a way that if you like it, they give you the recipe and everything you need for that dish is sitting right there as well (you don't have to backtrack and find ingredients.) I've now enjoyed at least three different dishes and would have never thought to make them had it not been me sampling them first. Today's dish was southwest chili which included chicken and black beans. It was yummy! Of course, I'm going to be trying it out probably tomorrow evening at home.


Kajoli said...

oh wow that sounds amazing

Nancy said...

You come to my house, watch me cook, and I'll watch you bake! :)

I don't mind cooking if there's someone to keep me company and I'm a pretty decent cook. Now then, baking is a whole other story. I once had chocolate chip cookies run away from me. I put them in the oven, and when I went back to check on them, they were gone!