Saturday, January 23, 2010

Big Brother, little brother

We went to my SILs after last Christmas and the boys had a great time. I noticed that my preschooler was becoming a great big brother to my toddler.

We didn't allow our toddler out on the pier by himself. Here he was at the end of it (before I quickly got him off!)

When we did walk on the pier, my preschooler was protective of him and held on to him at times to make sure he didn't stray too close to the edge.

They loved playing in the water, even though it was really cold outside! They climbed down the dog ramp to get to the water.

Looking at rocks together!

Walking around...

And here's my preschooler in deeper water looking to make sure his brother didn't follow him.


K said...

Oh my how beautiful they are and how lovely this place looks Robin
Loved the pix

Rachel said...

I am just melting at these brotherly pictures.

It surely does NOTHING for my baby fever and wishing Itty Bit would be a big brother too! :)

Such beautiful pictures - and I love that you took the care to capture them and your thoughts!

Lisa said...

How sweet are those boys still my heart.