Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Vanity Mirror with Magnification

I recently got a Christmas gift from my SIL, a mirror that can magnify. It's wonderful for people like me whose eyesight is slowly getting worse with age, lol! I had mentioned something to my hubby one day when I was having a difficult time seeing what I was doing while putting on makeup. Luckily for me, he mentioned it to her.

I tried it out yesterday for the first time. OMG! I had no idea what my face really looked like! Apparently, I have dead flaky skin coming out of everywhere, even my ears! I used to have dry skin but thought it had gone away...apparently it didn't, I just couldn't see it anymore, which is just kinda embarrassing.

I just love this thing!!! I can actually see what I'm doing now! I had to even brush my teeth twice (looking at teeth through this thing is awesome too!) I may break down and get actual glasses...I use reading glasses for reading the paper, books, instructions (and the computer screen a lot.) Absolutely in heaven now!


Mike said...

Ok Robin, time to come over to the "light side" and get your glasses. Your arms can only reach so far. lol

Rachel said...

I am totally cracking up... I still remember the first time I saw my face in one of those things. I totally freaked out! LOL

I'm not sure anyone should have to see my pores at that magnification! hee hee

Thanks for the laughs!