Thursday, January 28, 2010

V.C. State Park

We went to a state park recently and had lots of fun playing! I love hiking and exploring places like that but with two little ones, we had lots of fun at the playground and playing in the sand instead. While at the office paying our fees, I was talked into buying a bag of large bugs at the gift store. Those bugs enjoyed playing with us as well. It was a really good day...we played for hours. Next time, we'll bring a lunch.

My toddler near the creek.

Opening the bug bag.



Did I mention that we played lots of Batman and Gotham City scenarios too?

And practically most of the time we were there, we were all alone. It was very quiet and we were able to play as loud as we wanted. Near dusk, it was very peaceful and we could hear the sounds of the forest and animals. Nice.....


Rachel said...

oh how adorable!!! And it looks like you got lots of use out of those big bugs! :)

Lisa said...

Love the picture of him holding the fly to his face, mostly it looks as though batman has no fear.
What a superhero to his baby brother.

K said...

OH my goodness this looks like such marvelous fun

Lisa said...

Ummm what's new you ask?
Yes walk on over to my blog and watch Gage's new video!

Myrannda said...

You know what I like best about these pictures? He's in a Batman costume. Makes me feel a little more normal letting mine out of the house in a Princess dress. ;)

They are both absolutely adorable!