Thursday, January 07, 2010

A case of the Giggles!

My kiddos are in the stage where they shouldn't be going to restaurants. They've learned some ill-mannered habits and feed off of each other in acting up. So, we've taken a hiatus from the restaurant scene. Except.......yesterday. I should have known better, in hindsight, because my preschooler was really tired (he should have taken a nap) and he is like me in that when we get tired, we get goofy. So, we go one of my favorite restaurants for a number of reasons: it was early (not many people), we were really hungry (they have good food that the toddler likes), and the food there is prepared fast. However, several minutes into it, I realized that my toddler had lots of extra energy, and it seemed that my preschooler giggled at everything! So, as the toddler made a loud noise, the preschooler giggled. I never had time to give instructions not to laugh at inappropriate behaviors (thus more are made to produce more giggling) so an circle enveloped where toddler did something, preschooler giggled, mom blushes and tries to stop this pattern with no success. It was not going well and even though the preschooler really tried not to laugh, his giggles were too cute. I just had to pack up and leave. Luckily, the waitress was nice enough to bring all the containers and the preschooler finished his burger in the car on the way home....still giggling, lol!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's a bummer. Giggles are better than screaming, though!! =D

K said...

OMG sooo very cute though !!!