Thursday, January 27, 2011


An aquaintance came over this week. My neighbor's kid grew up, got attached to a girl and they had a baby. They came over to show me how much their baby has grown (and of course, how cute it is.) During the conversation, not sure exactly how we got there, the girl (ok, she's really in her mid 20's) mentioned how she used to take off her dad's boots every night. I suddenly remembered having done the same thing with my own dad. I don't remember how it got started but as an adult now, I'm sure he was tired at night after having worked all day and wanted assistance getting them off, lol! He wore those lace up boots that you eventually wrap the laces around the top and then tie. I loved unhooking the things and loosening them up before pulling them off. He would shower me with thanks and compliments. My dad was an older dad and was almost 55 when I was born.

It's interesting that I married a guy who ends up wearing the same kind of boots too. He wears them at work (the same kind but with steel toes) and always wears them at home to work in the yard (and when we got camping, stuff like that.) It's figures that my kids do the same thing...wear boots. This morning, as we took the kindergartener to school, my toddler, in his one piece pajamas, was looking for his own yellow rubber boots to put on in order to go outside to get in the truck.


K- floortime lite mama said...

love this slice of your life that you shared

Mike said...

I remember one (possibly both) of our little brothers also had boots when they were little. Didn't go anywhere without them. And I remember you taking Dad's boots off and the praise he gave you for a job well done.

Rachel said...

Oh too funny! Isn't it silly what kinds of things will prompt sweet memories? :)

likelyto said...

Hi Lazy Cat,

I would love to ask you some questions about how you felt as a kid about your dad having been older than other kids' dads.

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I'd really appreciate talking to you if you have even just a moment to reply.

Many thanks,