Monday, January 24, 2011


We had a social weekend, that's for sure, and it was great! On Friday, we were invited to a friend's house (a couple) for dinner and to hang out. We watched their DVR'd episodes of Wipeout and laughed for a long time! My hubby made spaghetti sauce for half the day and we had salad, garlic bread and spaghetti. Loved the food and company.

So, as long as I was going to have to cook on Saturday, I invited a friend (separated mom) over for dinner. We had this sausage/potato meal. I don't really think she liked it (I lost track of time so I didn't really have anything else to eat/cook.) I asked if she played Spades (card game.) She had on the computer before and I was rusty so we all relearned together. It was a lot of fun and by the time the game ended, I looked up and six hours had passed! I also was worth it!

And then last night, we invited those friends over from the other night and they brought their adult daughter (and two grandkids over with them.) Hubby cooked navy beans/ham, rice and pork ribs (grill.) They brought cornbread, corn cobs and tea. It was fun watching the kids play and enjoy adult conversation!

After they left, my kindergartener said that he had a good time part of the time but that he didn't because the girl (almost four year old) started to slap him. He didn't want to tell me in front of them and said that he asked her to stop please (and then started to cry.) He had never encountered that before and wasn't sure of his options. So, while I held him as he cried (he was also tired), I discussed what he could do if it ever happened again so that I could tell her to stop and make it all better. I told him that some kids learn bad things and others don't know how to play with other kids so it's important to tell me when it happens so I could fix it then. I think what happened is that the girl was swinging a belt and it hit him in the forehead but I'm not sure. I'll definitely be checking in more often next time. I also suggested he come out, grab my arm and pull me to the hall or less populated area to tell me if he felt uncomfortable in front of someone else (or didn't want to get her in trouble.) Poor thing...considerate, caring, and even using please to ask her to stop but at the same time unaware of what he needed to do in a situation like that. It was a great learning experience though. I'm glad he told me.


Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend,
food, games and adult converstion.
Love the adult converstion.

Aww poor little guy, sorry he got hurt.
I love the way you handled it and told him to call you out privately.
You're such a good Mom Robin.

Rachel said...

Aww! Poor guy! I had a similar situation with a nephew that was kinda beating up on Itty Bit today.

Afterwards I pulled Itty Bit aside and said how proud I was of him for not hitting back and that Bubba was not right to hit him.

(I also jumped into it as soon as the hitting started - Bubba knows I'm fun, but I mean business).

I'm glad you talked to your kiddo about it - that shows what a tender heart he has.

And I'm glad you had such a good time with all your gatherings!

Anonymous said...

awww. poor little man! Glad you got to visit! :)