Friday, January 14, 2011

Good Daughter Week

I've had a Good Daughter Week, lol! Both my daughters are special to me and each have their own unique qualities. This has been a pretty good week.

A couple days ago, my house looked like a tornado hit it! Toys everywhere!! Clothes in piles unfolded in the hall, dishes in the sink, counters cluttered, I could go on and on. Instead of cleaning after the kids went to bed, I just watched tv. I figured I'd get around to it the next morning. When morning arrived, I woke up to everything clean!!!!!!!!! In the night, my youngest daughter had worked hard in making it all fresh and clean. It was SO nice to wake up and not have to worry/do anything! As she's getting older, she is becoming nicer and maturing. Here's a recent pic of her that I took. Even though she hates close-ups, when she saw her wind in her hair, she liked this one.


Today, as I was driving out to meet a friend for lunch (with my toddler), my older daughter called and wanted to know what I was doing. She had just gotten off of work and her boyfriend was bringing her to their house. Instead, we met at a gas station and I took her along with me to lunch. We all had a great conversation and on the way home, I mentioned how happy she seems (even though she has some stressful situations in the future relating to some poor decisions/court/etc.) She said that she is only focusing on today and that she appreciates life and family more. She mentioned that when she goes to meetings (referring to AA), she says that she relays the story about when wasn't able to come over after we had her little brother. She says she tells them that we (she used my husband in the story) told her that our children are very important to us and due to her behavior, we can't have her around them. She actually used some better wording but that's the point. We cut her off for months when she was using really heavily before she got sober. She says she was really pissed at the time but it really meant a lot. I love that she is in a better place in life. This picture was taken on Christmas at her boyfriend's house (she is showing off her presents like the jacket, hat and her all her bling!)


I'm just stopping to pause. I had a great week with my adult kiddos.


Lisa said...

Robin your daughters are beautiful...just like their Mama.
How sweet to wake up to a spotless house....Agh I despise cleaning.

Anonymous said...

this post made me smile. :)

K- floortime lite mama said...

your daughters are gorgeous
the picture of your daugter in the lavender-purple shirt is like a film star
how lovely to wake up to a clean house